Contest - Aquaminiatura

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Aquaminiatura presents
Challenge yourself to create an AquaScape in reduced size
( Ponte a prueba para crear un paisaje acuático en tamaño reducido )
Maximum Tank volume is 6 liters (El volumen maximo aceptado del acuario es de 6 litros )
Beside the hardscape, Only Aquatic plants and mosses are allowed (Sólo plantas acuáticas y musgos)

Good Luck / Buena suerte !
Diego Sandoval & the MiniScaping team  


Submission guidelines

• Submission will start on 20/1/2016 and end on 21/2/2016
• You can send up to 2 AquaScapes ( Está permitido 2 acuarios por partticipante )
• For each AquaScape you will need to upload a main picture, fill some information and upload some additional pictures, one picture that show a familiar object near the aquarium to show the size of it

• Please upload high quality pictures because some of the AquaScapes will be included in an article on TAG magazine (The Aquatic Gardeners)

Any prizes?

The contest is mainly for fun, although we have some exciting prizes ( El concurso es sobre todo por diversión, aunque tenemos algunos premios interesantes Primer premio )

1st prize :
• Winning AquaScape picture will be presented as the cover picture of “underwater landscapes” with credit to the artist (La foto ganadora será portada de “underwater landscapes” con el nombre del artista)
• Diego sandoval will create a personal caricature of the winning artist according to a picture ( Diego sandoval creará una caricatura personal del artista ganador , para eso será necesario enviar una foto )
• Diploma

2nd prize :
• A diorama with wooden base representing Iwagumi (Un diorama con peana en madera representando un IWAGUMI )
• Diploma

3rd prize :
• Diploma

How will the Judging be?

• The judging criteria will be: Creativity (30%), First impression (30% ), Difficulty (20%), Choice of plants (20% )
• Each judge will rate each of the AquaScapes in each criteria
• Each judge will comment on each of the AquaScapes based on his experience
• The system will calculate the total score of each AquaScape based on all the judges voting

Who will be the Judges?

Here are the judges ( click to learn more about them ):

Slobodan Lazarevic
Greg Charlet
Juan Puchades
Alon Shem Tov